Leaving Nice

So I flew on an airline called EasyJet to get from Nice to Rome today. It’s one of those low-cost, no-frills airlines, like a SouthWest for Europe. There are others, but EasyJet got me here in an hour for around 100 euros, which was quite reasonable. You only get one carry-on instead of two like you do in the States, so I did have to check my backpack, but it all worked out fine. The boarding process was interesting though.

Once I checked in and went through security, I stopped by the departure board to see what gate I was supposed to leave from. It said gate ‘A’. But there was no gate ‘A’. There were gates A-0 through A-19, but no gate ‘A’. Huh. That’s strange. Well, I eventually figured it out. They don’t actually allocate a gate to a flight until 25 minutes or so before the flight is due to take off, so the ‘A’ was just a placeholder to get you in the general vicinity. So what you end up with is a mob clustered around the departure board, with everyone waiting to see what gate is posted, because that’s when the real fun starts. Once the gate is updated, the mob immediately spasms as one, like it just took a shot from a cattle prod. You see, EasyJet doesn’t preassign seats, so now the mob is lurching toward the gate, jockeying for position in that amorphous wave of humanity that in no way resembles an orderly line so that they can get decent seat on the plane. I can stampede with the best of them though, so I got a place toward the head of the line, eventually scoring a window seat, which I promptly wasted by falling asleep 5 minutes into the flight. So much for enjoying the view. What can I say? Nice wore me out. I’m not complaining though. I was damaged goods when I arrived in Nice two weeks ago. I was stressed out, wrung out and strung out. But I met some great people and had some wonderful experiences there, and it was just what I needed. I will write more about them in the coming days, but I just got into Rome, and I need a little time to get settled in. Ciao for now.

Click here to see my photos from Nice and the surrounding regions.

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