Groggy in Guatemala


My first beer in Antigua, Guatemala. I ordered the cheapest one on the menu, because that’s how I roll. It was a Guatemalan brew, Brahva. A light refreshing lager, it went down easy in the heat, as you might expect. Not a lot of demand for stouts or porters in the tropics. It was also my only beer tonight. I got next to no sleep last night on the plane. I tried, but it just wasn’t happening. I can usually sleep anywhere, but it was a newer plane with ergonomics straight out of Guantanamo Bay. Boeing engineers may have finally developed a seat in which it is physically impossible to relax.

This afternoon, I was in a plaza watching a brass band give an concert and kept falling asleep. It was a little embarrassing. I didn’t think I was at an age where I nodded off on park benches, but apparently, that is also how I roll. Not what I would call a peaceful rest, though. They periodically set off cannons here to scare away the pigeons. Big cannons. I was not aware of that and I can vouch for the fact that they scare awake exhausted Westerners as well. So I’m heading to bed early. Hostel seems fine. It’s clean, has hot water and free breakfast. For a hostel, that puts it in 4 star territory.

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