Apartment on Utila

The Gardens Apartments on Utila

My apartment was on the top floor, right corner

I rented an apartment for the month I spent on Utila. That got my accommodation costs down to below $30 a day. Still a little pricey (by backpacker standards anyway), but worth it to have a place to call my own for the month. It was a clean 1 bedroom/1 bath with living room, kitchen and deck.
Living Room
BedroomThere was even an AC unit, which I thought was a wonderful feature for a Caribbean apartment in the summer. A lot of places don’t even offer AC. Turns out, there’s a good reason for that, because the apartment also came with one of these gadgets mounted on the wall:
Electric MeterThe number tells you how many kWhrs of electricity you have left in your account. If that number drops to zero, your refrigerator will get very quiet (and your apartment manager very annoyed). Everything is more expensive on an island and at about 50 cents/kWhr, that is particularly true of electricity on Utila. For comparison, the average cost in the US is 12 cents/kWhr. The only place that even comes close is…can you guess? Hint: everything is more expensive on an island. Yes, Hawaii, at 33 cents/kWhr. Turned out that I really didn’t need AC after all. Funny how that works, huh?

Actually, with a top floor apartment, sea breezes and a couple of ceiling fans, I was really pretty comfortable most of the time. Incentivized to keep that meter ticking as slowly as possible, my daily usage was around 6 or 7 kWhr/day, putting my total room cost below $1000. Not bad for a month in paradise.
Free beach on Utila

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