Tequila Hostel

OK, so here’s a look at where I’m staying in Guadalajara, the Tequila Hostel. The rate is around $20 US per night. It’s pretty well located within walking distance of plenty of bars and restaurants, and you can sign up for a tour that will take you to a local tequila factory so you can see how its made. Then taste how it’s made. Again, and again, and again. All transportation is included in the tour, which is probably for the best. It sounded like fun, but I picked up a nasty head cold and haven’t felt up to it. One of the staff tried to talk me into it anyway, telling me that the tequila was medicine. Based on personal experience, I know that ain’t exactly true. Anyway, the staff has been very kind and attentive (Raoul totally rocks), and have made my stay very enjoyable. My roommates on the other hand…let’s just say that every nationality has good and bad representatives. Sometimes you get lucky and meet a good one, and sometimes you meet a pretentious English twit who can’t be bothered to open the door for you when he can plainly see you are standing there trying to find your key, and who can’t seem to summon the strength to say hello, but can somehow prattle on for a solid hour about third world oppression with no sign of slowing down. But I digress. Overall, Tequila Hostel was a fine place to spend a week while exploring Guadalajara. It’s too bad I wasn’t feeling well enough to get out the way I wanted, but onward to Lake Chapala tomorrow!

Update: I almost forgot about the bells! You see, there is Catholic church across the street and every morning, the bells start ringing around 6:30. They chime for about a minute, then stop, then start up again 15 minutes later. Apparently, the bells have a snooze feature. This goes on till about 8AM. Fun! If you want to hear what my alarm clock sounded like this week, have a listen here:

Church Bells

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