Roll On Columbia

Went down to the Columbia River and took some shots of a bridge. It was the first American bridge to span the Columbia, and has been open since 1908. It used to be a toll bridge. The rates?

  • Footmen or bicyclist – 5 cents one way
  • Horsemen – 15 cents one way, 25 cents round trip
  • 2-horse team – 25 cents
  • 4 horse team – 35 cents
  • $25 fine for crossing faster than a walk

These days, no toll. It’s just used for pedestrian traffic and to carry a natural gas pipeline.

It was way colder than I expected it to be that morning, so when I saw a 7-11, I started heading there for coffee. Then I saw a Java Shack in the same parking lot and changed course. I just love Washington. Good coffee is never more than a few blocks away.

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