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Some of you may have noticed a different look to the comments on my blog. I’m trying out a social networking plugin that will let you make comments via your Facebook or Twitter login if you’d like. Then you can have your picture alongside your comments in the blog and your comments will show up in newsfeeds, more and more people will come to my site, I’ll start making mad cash from all the web traffic and be able to afford to take a trip around the world! Again! Well, that’s the idea anyway. Of course, if you want to make comments the way you have been up till now, you can do that as well. Sounds pretty cool, right? It is, except that the FB/Twitter part doesn’t quite work yet. Try it and you’ll get the dreaded 404 “page not found” error. I have a support request in with my blog host to release the mod_security rule that has been giving me such a headache for the last day. Till then, the old style method of submitting comments will work alright. I’ll post an update when the FB/Twitter stuff works. Sorry for the peek at how the sausage is made, but it should be good and tasty when it’s done.


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