Imagine Greater

What’s better than watching a crappy movie on SyFy? Watching a crappy movie on SyFy in Mexico with subtitles! Back where I come from, this movie was called “Swamp Volcano”. Here it’s “Lava en Miami”. Either way, it’s pure movie queso. My favorite scene – a tennis ball comes off a student’s racquet, passes through an eruption of lava, bursts into flame, then goes right through her coach’s chest – and they show the hole through his body before he collapses to the ground! Genius. I’m so pleased that other cultures are being exposed to the very best cinema that America can offer. I like to think that one day the whole world, regardless of race, creed, or color, will unite in their appreciation of movies like Swamp Volcano. And Dinocroc. And Supergator. And of course, Dinocroc vs Supergator. Who knows? Maybe, buried within these steaming mounds of SyFy sludge lies the path to peace for our species. A man can dream…

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